Tooth Implant Cost

When you discuss tooth implants with your dentist, he or she will really need to establish your health and medical history to make sure that the treatment is suitable for you

Tooth implant : The importance of good dental health

There are many reasons you might required dental implants but a good level of dental health will be required before you progress with tooth implant treatment.

As a starting point, there will be a thorough examination of your mouth and existing teeth and your gums, this is to properly prepare for any future treatment. You will need to have x-rays of your mouth to ensure the best possible fit.

At your first tooth implant appointment when you begin the treatment, the dentist will quickly be able to identify if tooth implants are suitable for you or not, and you really should expect, at the very least, a verbal outline of how your dentist will approach your individual treatment (teeth in a day might also be an option).

When you’re considering the impact of tooth implants after your treatment, you should be aware that things like hygiene procedure may be a little more complex than before. You may also have to spend a little more time on your cleaning routines.

There’s also a strong chance your dentist will want you to see the hygienist more frequently in the period after your treatment, just to make sure they are satisfied with your progress.

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New to tooth implants?

Tooth implants are an artificial replacement of your tooth’s root. Fitting directly into the jawbone and hold false teeth in place. This is the same way that roots support natural teeth.

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