Why choose Phil

Trust your smile to an experienced implantologist

Why compromise on your smile?

There are so many areas of life where pressures of time, budget or local availability force us to compromise. But we do so reluctantly, even if it’s only an item of clothing, a hotel choice or a new phone.

How much more important is your smile? It has a massive effect on your self-confidence, your sense of well-being and the impression you create.

As the UK’s first European Dental Implant Expert, Dr Phil Bennett is an ideal choice for anyone who understands that less than perfect implant dentistry would be a compromise too far.

An acknowledged expert in implantology

Implant placement is considered the ultimate form of tooth replacement, both in terms of performance and cosmetic appearance. If you’re going to invest in this transformative solution, it surely makes sense to trust your dental health to a genuine expert. Phil has dedicated his career to the planning, placement and restoration of dental implants. The only practitioner in the South West to have served as President of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI), he held a place on the ADI committee for ten years and has lectured extensively on implantology both within the UK and abroad. Phil has performed more than 5000 implant cases and has an impressive reputation.

Drawing on extensive knowledge and experience of all the major dental implant systems, Phil adds dedication and a warm, personal approach to his acclaimed clinical expertise.

The right choice for the ultimate restorative treatment

Don’t compromise. If you choose to benefit from the ultimate technique in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, trust your treatment to a seasoned professional with the appropriate level of experience and expertise: Dr Phil Bennett.