Cost of Dental Implants

Here are some examples of implant pricing
(Please note they are for guidance only and you will be provided a full written treatment plan before commencing treatment.)

Cost of Dental Implants

We have put together the table below that clearly shows the cost of dental implants and any other associated costs;

Treatment Price
Dr Phil Bennett Consultation £95
Single Implant (fully restored with abutment & crown) £3600
Two Implants (fully restored with abutment & crown) £7200
Implant Retained Denture (fully restored with abutment & crown) £4500
Implant Retained Bridge (covering three teeth) £7800
Part Mouth Reconstruction( Top or bottom, per jaw) from £20000
Full Mouth Reconstruction from £35000

*All our dental implant fees include a full restoration of the tooth, including abutments/posts, crown and bio-oss bone (where required.)

Cost of Dental Implants – Preparatory Surgery

Treatment Price
Teeth Extraction (fixed fee) £200
CT Scan* £150
Sinus Bone Graft (Per Jaw) £1500
Dental Implant Sedation (per hour) POA

*We use a local provider for our CT scans and we kindly request payment is made directly to the provider.
*For patients that require sedation for dental implants, we use visiting consultant anaesthetist. This fee is a fixed hourly rate.

More information about Dental Implants UK

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It’s also possible to get the fantastic service of ‘teeth in a day‘ depending on the complexities Dr Phil will assess this on a patient by patient basis.

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