About Phil

LDS RCS Eng 1979, BDS Lond 1978 GDC: 52604

Dr Phil Bennett

I was born in Bristol, and have always loved the West Country, coming from a naval family; we lived in Somerset and Cornwall as a small child.

After dental qualification in the late seventies, I spent some time practicing in Yeovil, but they were not ready for my advanced style of dentistry then, and I moved to Buckinghamshire where I bought my first practice.

Within a few years, I decided to establish a branch practice in Londons Harley Street. It had become clear to me then that the up-and-coming discipline of Dental Implants was an increasingly important new treatment and that my future lay in understanding these exotic (then!) titanium fixtures.

Consequently, I tried to learn about them in the UK, sadly in 1988, implantology teaching was limited to weekend courses and you were expected to start on Monday!

I understood immediately this was a recipe for disaster, so I travelled the world gaining knowledge and training where I could; USA, France, Germany and Sweden. Gradually I put the bits together and started to carry out the surgery and the restorations.

As implantology took off in the UK, I was involved in shaping the educational requirements for new implant dentists. I have served on the committee of the Association of Dental Implantology, The Association is the umbrella organisation for all UK implant dentists and has been at the core of education for many years.

I was elected by my peers to the post of President, and subsequently Director of Education in 2007.

European Expert in Implantology

In 2009 the European Dental Association awarded me the honour of becoming the UK’s first European Expert in Implantology and I serve as the UK’s representative on the European Dental Committee.

Today, I split my time between two practices in the South West; Ashbury Dental Care and Forward Dental Care.

I love my art, I have a passion for it that infiltrates my whole life, and after all, not many professionals get the chance, or have the ability, to truly transform some patients lives for the better.