About dental implants

'What are dental implants?' is the question I'm most often asked

The answer is straightforward really…

Essentially, a dental implant is a replacement for a tooths natural root. A false root if you like.

The difference between your tooth and an implant is simple to explain. Your tooth is a single unit, it comes in one piece and comes out as one piece (mostly!). A dental implant has three components; the implant body, the abutment or post, and the crown or tooth.

I am also often asked what an implant is made from

Implants are generally made of surgical-grade titanium with a very special surface finish, sometimes they can be made from zirconium which is a white material.

There has been significant research and development into the best implant materials to use, and these two not only provide strength and lightness, but they are also very, very long-lasting.