How long does treatment take?

Naturally, every patient is unique, so of course no two treatments are the same

Varying treatment times

However, there are clearly some similarities in dental implant treatments and although it is not realistic to give deadlines, there are guidelines, depending on the complexity of treatment.

For routine cases, from the time of implant placement to the time of placing the first teeth, treatment times can vary between eight weeks and four months.

One of the main factors that determine the length of treatment is the availability of bone. Good bone can decrease treatment times, whilst more time and care must be taken with poorer bone.

Summary of stages for routine dental implants

I thought it might be useful to outline the various stages of treatment, then you can understand the process and timeline.

  1. The first step is the prep! Diagnosis and treatment planning are essential, after which it may be necessary to carry out repairs or treatment.
  2. Implant placement is usually followed by a period of healing, lasting from eight weeks to six months. Often the implants are completely hidden beneath the gum, however one-stage procedures where the implant is visible from the time of placement are also commonplace.
  3. Several visits may or may not be needed over the next few weeks to adjust temporary teeth or dentures and to monitor healing. This is quite normal and should be seen as a positive part of your treatment.
  4. Once the implants have healed for the required time, they are uncovered if necessary and made ready to connect the teeth. How quickly this happens is really down to the local bone condition and the overall quality of the healing.
  5. In some cases the first teeth fitted to your implants are not the final ones, but replicas of the intended design. This stage can be used to assess the implants, and in areas where aesthetics are more critical, also gives the gums time to mature around each implant before final teeth are fitted.
  6. Final teeth are commonly fitted between 3 and 9 months after the implants were first placed. The way that the teeth fit together is carefully adjusted so that they function well together.
  7. Regular examination and hygiene appointments are then all that is required to maintain the health of the mouth, teeth and implants and of course good daily cleaning regimes.