Teeth in a day

You could have dental implants in just one day

Teeth in a day are a technological and surgical breakthrough

In all my time in dentistry, and more specifically in the world of dental implants, there is no doubt that one of the most important breakthroughs for patients in both technology and surgical innovation, is our ability to deliver teeth in a day.

Whereas having an implant to replace decaying or damaged teeth necessarily means several dental appointments new procedures, now mean that we can condense the number of surgical appointments into just one. And the need for provisional restorations is also eliminated as everything can be fitted in one appointment.

Traditionally implants would need to be left to heal for between two-four months, in specific cases, we can place the implants, fit the posts, and deliver a full mouth of teeth, in one sitting. The implants still need to heal, but there is good medical evidence to show that if they are all joined together they will heal well. It is often the case that after healing, the second set of teeth are fitted to replace the immediate set.

So now the inconvenience of several months of work can be condensed into one day

When you consider that one of the biggest advantages of ‘teeth in a day‘ treatments is not having to wear temporary dentures, the benefits are clear, some temporary dentures can look unnatural, and may well loosen and end up falling out.

However, I must add a note of caution, for anyone thinking that teeth in a day are the must have treatment. It is not for everyone. We can only begin this treatment providing that your gums are free from infection, and that there is, of course, sufficient bone to place the implants, and that its right for you!

If you would like to know more information or would like to talk to me about teeth in the space of a day, please get in touch.