The fear of losing our teeth

The fear of losing our teeth or in fact, a single tooth is one that many people, understandably experience.  For many people, the prospect of a seemingly complex procedure and permanently replacing the tooth with a dental implant is simply too much. Instead, they leave a gap or resort to a denture, which if not correctly fitted, can restrict not only their diet, but also their self-confidence can also take a knock.

I often ask myself ‘Why is everyone so afraid of dentists and in particular, dental implants?’. It seems the stereotypical experience of going to visit the dentist is etched into many people’s minds. But it need not be like this.

I have worked placing thousands of dental implants over the past 25 years and was in fact one of the first clinicians in the UK to fit implants. We have come along way since the 1980s when I was utterly delighted that an implant integrated to 2015, where we have the simply remarkable ability to replace a mouth of teeth (or lack of!) by lunchtime. The impact of arriving with loose, unattractive or no teeth and leaving with stunning, new, fixed teeth is transformational to your image.

Essentially, having dental implants fitted is no longer something to fear or avoid. Today’s remarkable technology, my experience and skill as well as the well rehearsed and continually tweaked patient experience at Lyme Bay Dentistry makes the decision to have dental implants an easy one.

If you are considering dental implants please call and book a no obligation consultation with me, Dr. Phil Bennett on 01297 442907, you will be in safe and experienced hands!